To: Our customers
From: Jay Shafer, CEO of a la mode
Subject: News about a la mode and CoreLogic
Earlier today we announced CoreLogic has acquired a 100% ownership interest in a la mode. You can read the press release here and get more detail in our Q&A document here.

Our commitment to appraisers coupled with our software solutions are the driving forces behind this transaction. As part of CoreLogic, a la mode will continue to be focused on helping you work faster, more accurately, and with the highest level of credibility and support. Our entire history of products, from Grand TOTAL for MS-DOS to Titan embodies that unwavering commitment.

I'm sure you may be wondering what all is going to change. Rest assured, there are no immediate planned changes to your products or services because of this acquisition. You can expect to receive the same levels of customer support and service that you are accustomed to. Over time, our goal is to enhance our products and services leveraging the best of what CoreLogic has to offer.

As always, thank you for being our customer. Whether you signed up with us yesterday or back in 1985, we appreciate how you've helped us grow and how your continued support will help us shape the industry in the best interest of appraisers.

If you have any questions or concerns, simply reply to this email. We'll have an open dialog with you, just as we always have.

Jay Shafer
a la mode